Pickford Solicitors prioritise protection of client funds

Pickford Solicitors have gotten April off to a strong start by taking their risk management processes to the next level.

Pickford Solicitors have gotten April off to a strong start by taking their risk management processes to the next level. 

Reflecting the firm’s prioritisation of protecting client funds, Pickford Solicitors have implemented Lawyer Checker’s Account and Entity Screen into their protection strategy, adding yet another layer to their proactive approach to security.

With a focus on assisting small and medium sized owner companies’ complete business transactions, the Birmingham based firm strives to deliver a service which is both fast and efficient, without compromising on the quality of customer service or level of contact which clients receive.

As well as priding itself on providing clients with a friendly, proactive service which is cost competitive, Pickford also commits to prioritising consumer protection, with its use of Lawyer Checker to safeguard the transaction simply being the latest demonstration of this.

Whilst it’s clear that firms are increasing their efforts when it comes to fraud prevention, the ongoing cases highlighted across the industry as well as mainstream media signify that the continued prominence of the risk.

The techniques of fraudsters are growing in sophistication and as stated in the SRA’s Risk Outlook, it’s vital that firms ‘confirm the identity of other firms that they deal with’. In order to ensure that transactions are properly protected, it’s essential that firms adopt a multi-layered approach to their protection strategy, and that each member of staff takes the prevention of risk seriously. Through the consistent use of Account and Entity Screen at an early stage of the transaction, Pickford Solicitors will be able to make an informed decision about the transferring of client money, proactively preventing against the threat of fraud.

Jas Singh, Director of the firm comments: “Pickford Solicitors delivers smarter, more focused legal services to its customers, thanks to our investment in both our employees and our IT systems.  With more and more customers wanting to communicate via technology, we understand the risk of those customers providing personal information to us over the web. We have chosen to use Lawyer Checker because the protection of our customers’ personal information and money is and must be one of our biggest priorities.”

As well as protecting transactions to a consistently high level, the use of a service such as Lawyer Checker can positively influence the culture within a firm and ensure that, as your first line of defence, employees are alert to the risk.