Minimise Cyber Security Threat and Rank Client Protection Top

Cyber safety is only seen as top priority once a firm has been attacked.

Data security in law firms is more important than ever but more often than not cyber safety is only seen as top priority once a firm has been attacked and by then the damage has already be done. 

Preventing data breaches from happening and mitigating the damage, should the worst happen, is crucial. To minimise the potential risk to your law firm, it is imperative that you understand the evolving threat.  

Hacks used to be carried out by lone individuals but today’s cyber criminals are far more sophisticated, as an example, Artificial Intelligence and automation are already been used to do all the hard work for the hackers without any human involvement. 

Furthermore, before you install adequate security measures to deter fraudsters, you must understand the specific risk your firm faces. This includes doing the following: 

  • Auditing your data to establish what you have that criminals might want   
  • Looking at how your data is processed to identify and respond to any points of weakness   
  • Examining the technology you use to identify and respond to any points of weakness  
  • Understanding the potential impact to your business should your valuable data get into the wrong hands (e.g. damage to reputation/finances etc.).     

Protection of client’s personal information and money should be at the forefront of your law firms’ protection strategy to shield clients from electronic communication fraud. 

According to Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Risk Outlook 2017/18 report more than 60% of all cyber crimes reported to them are email modification frauds, citing conveyancing firms as a common target in their Risk Outlook Spring Update. 

To enhance your law firms’ protection strategy and safeguard email communications you should install OnDMARC. This is a web based service that secures your email system to avoid fraudulent emails by actively blocking phishing attacks and preventing 3rd parties impersonating your firm’s email domain to any recipient such as clients and employees.  

Cyber crime is rife and, on the increase, with email fraud being the biggest risk for law firms. Anyone can send an email directly to companies’ customers, suppliers or employees pretending to be from the company if OnDMARC is not installed. 

It is vital that legal firms take a proactive approach to security by deploying OnDMARC to safeguard future clients data and funds – as continual cases highlighted within the sector and mainstream media proved there is a prominent risk industry wide. 

The SRA stated it is essential that all firms, have the right systems and controls in place to protect client’s money and maintain public trust in the profession. 

Cyber crime is happening all the time but Lawyer Checker’s service OnDMARC can protect your clients’ money and identity plus influence your employees to become more savvy of the risk of email fraud and ultimately the first line of defence against fraudsters.