Jackson Lees Solicitors’ mission to protect their clients’ money from fraud

Jackson Lees Solicitors have recently boosted their firm’s risk management

Jackson Lees Solicitors have recently boosted their firm’s risk management by installing pioneering products to safeguard their clients’ money. 

As protection of client’s funds is at the forefront of Jackson Lees strategy, the firm have proactively implemented Lawyer Checker’s Consumer Bank Account Checker (CBAC) and Account Entity Screen (AES) Services. 

To enhance the firm’s protection strategy, the service CBAC was installed at Jackson Lees to help validate the source and destination of funds by checking the bank accounts details match their clients’ personal details. Furthermore, AES was utilised to ensure their client funds are sent to a legitimate bank account associated with the vendor’s conveyancing firm.    

Established in 2017, following a merger of two highly respected law firms in the North West, Jackson Lees Solicitors was born. As an award-winning law firm, they offer a full range of legal services to personal and commercial clients. Their team of expert lawyers believe that the relationship between themselves and their clients is what makes the positive difference – as by doing so they make a real impact to their clients’ lives. 

Angela Hesketh, Director and Group Head of Property Department of the firm said ‘Here at Jackson Lees we are a forward thinking law firm who strive to make a positive difference through the practice of law.' 

We enlisted the help of Lawyer Checker as we recognise the real threat of fraud to our business. We required the best defences against cyberattacks associated with money transactions in order to protect the firm and our clients.  

Cyber criminals are out there trying to defraud law firms and we treat this risk seriously.” 

Solicitors and law firms face increasing threats from cyber criminals as cybercrime becomes widespread in the UK – and target firms because of the money and personal data they hold on their clients. If systems are not put in place to protect your firm and your clients, cyber attack can threaten your operations and reputation within the marketplace. 

Jackson Lees Solicitors decided to take proactive approach to security by deploying Lawyer Checker’s CBAC and AES to safeguard existing and prospective clients money – as widespread cases highlighted within the sector and mainstream media proved there is a prominent risk industry wide. 

Cyber crime is continually evolving but Lawyer Checker’s CBAC and AES software can reassure law firms that they are protecting their clients’ funds to the best of their abilities and showing their clients that their needs are top priority when it comes to managing their money.