Insight: People vs Process; Implementing a risk strategy - Part 2

In this short blog series, Lawyer Checker’s Jen Williams outlines how combining cultural and technical competencies will shut the door on would be cyber criminals accessing your information.

Process – How can this prevent risk?

In our previous blog we looked at how having an experienced and capable team with an embedded cyber security culture could prevent criminals infiltrating your systems.

In today’s blog we’ll look at what process can be put in place to deter criminals, making your systems safer and offering another layer of protection to compliment that of the team.

Many law firms assessing their cyber security risk will approach the problem from the perspective of technological vulnerability. However, it can be equally important to take a business and operational perspective on potential weaknesses. By doing so, law firms can adopt a full circle approach to detection, prevention and management of cyber attacks.

Process, as defined by the Business Triangle is ‘a well-defined, robust, flexible and adaptable process.’ this is very apt, especially as the criminals who are trying to evade the process and technology implemented to extract your client’s money are changing their tactics on a regular basis.

Lawyer Checker has a number of products that companies can use to make their process more robust, ensuring that the people they’re dealing with on the other end are who they say they are.

The Account & Entity Screen provides you with an enhanced risk management, in transmission of funds, by checking the account details of a solicitor you are sending fund to against our unique database. Whereas the Consumer Bank Account Checker validates the source or destination of the funds. These two products can help you to ensure your processes are robust, and they can adapt to any new social engineering techniques deployed by cyber criminals.

Lawyer Checker can help you implement Cyber Essentials accreditation, which is backed by the Government, which highlights to people who use your firm that you have the processes in place to tackle cyber criminals head on.

Having processes in place, which work seamlessly side by side with the people in your organisation will ensure cyber criminals are kept out in the cold and are penniless.