Insight: Cyber Crime and Fraud Affecting the Legal Sector - Part 3

In this short blog series, Lawyer Checker’s Jennifer Williams outlines how cyber crime and fraud affects the legal industry; the different types of cyber crimes and how law firms can protect themselves.

What can you do to protect your firm and mitigate risk?

Leading risk management solutions provider, Lawyer Checker can help by providing a range of options to help you protect your law firm from the risks associated with cyber crime and fraud.

Lawyer Checker’s innovative Account and Entity Screen (AES) product can verify the bank details of the law firm on the other side of the transaction. Furthermore, we have two other products, our Consumer Bank Account Checker (CBAC), which works by verifying the destination of the funds when it comes to transferring sale funds to customer bank accounts. Plus, OnDMARC, which is a tool to protect against email modification fraud by preventing your email address from being cloned.

It is clear in the changes to CQS and Lexcel that the transmission of funds is high on the agenda when it comes to risk management with both specifically outlining the requirement to:

  • Carry(ing) out relevant checks in relation to the conveyancer acting for the other party (1.4a – CQS CPMS/ 5.14a – Lexcel)
  • A procedure for handling financial transactions including the transfer of funds (2.2a – CQS CPMS/ 2.5a – Lexcel)
  • a procedure for verifying the banking details of other conveyancers and third parties to whom money is sent (6.2l – CQS CPMS)

AES is now being used in around 20% of all conveyancing transactions and provides:

  • verification of the other side through confirming the law firm exists using the SRA number and Companies House, checking there are no conditions or alerts against the firm; and verifying the fee earner on the other side is legally practicing and not subject to any SRA restrictions.
  • an interpreted assessment of the bank details provided to inform your risk management policies on whether to proceed.

And CBAC will help you verify the account details when it comes to the final transfer of funds.

As a law firm you need to consider what the repercussions of cyber failure in your business could be. Lawyers are trained to look at the worse case scenario, but unfortunately when it comes to cyber security, if robust measures are not implemented to mitigate risk, it can have disastrous consequences.

There is a recommendation to implement the government backed Cyber Essentials certification. This certification is a ‘must have’ for law firms and shows that you have achieved the minimum required level of cyber security. This reasonably inexpensive self assessment will start you on your cyber security journey which will begin to embed a culture of cyber awareness in your business.

Getting Cyber Essentials certification for your firm is quick and easy. Lawyer Checker is a Cyber Essentials assessor who can conduct your online assessment and issue your certificate in less than 48hrs. As we are a business that revolves around the law, we know how your business works and we know the nuances of law firms.


Lawyer Checker (Part of The Practical Vision Network) provide a range of products and services for law firms to help them combat cyber fraud.

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