Cyber Essentials is easier than you think.

Many businesses are well on their way to achieving a nationally recognised security accreditation... they just don't know it! Find out more about how your business could benefit...

The word certification often implies lengthy projects and huge time commitment. The National Cyber Security Centre has been really careful to avoid fitting this picture when creating the Cyber Essentials certification scheme.

Typically and IT manager or competent Business Manager can complete the assessment in half a day once the controls have been implemented.

In reality, the vast majority of law firms have already implemented these controls without realising are already closer to being ready for certification than they might initially think.

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The Cyber Essentials scheme recognises that implementing the basics of security that naturally fit into good IT management prevents 80% of the most common cyber attacks.

Achieving certification against a recognised standard allows a firm to demonstrate to its clients, partners and insurers that it has achieved a basic level of information security and that it understands the sensitivity of the data that it holds.

The controls that your firm may need to consider for Cyber Essentials include

  1. Strong Passwords – Does your password policy follow NCSC’s latest guidance
  2. Administrator accounts – Set up 2 accounts for admins so that they have one for admin activities and one for day to day activities such as email or web browsing. Ensure that the admin accounts have 2 factor authentication enabled if it is available
  3. Ensure devices have an operating system supported by its vendor. Make sure any that are running older versions of windows are updated.
  4. Have a documented Joiners and Leavers process for provisioning accounts and include authorisation from someone with responsibility.
  5. Ensure that antivirus is installed on all devices and is set to scan files and web pages on opening.

Most businesses that go through this process only need minor adjustments to their existing controls to be able to gain Cyber Essentials Certification.


Cyber Essentials is the government recognised cyber security accreditation; demonstrating your commitment to protecting your business from fraudsters and online criminal activity,

For more information about how you can become Cyber Essentials certificated for just £300 +VAT contact Emily Davies on 0800 133 7127 or email