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2021 is an extremely dangerous time to be dealing with property transactions if necessary checks are not followed. Make sure your livelihood isn’t at risk. Make sure your Solicitor/Conveyancer uses Lawyer Checker.

Additional risk mitigation during remote working

The largest migration of staff from office to home working has brought about many unintended consequences for business. The speed with which law firms have had to implement remote working will have left holes in on and offline security, unintended or not, which fraudsters will seek to exploit.  Lawyer Checker can help you review your own security measures and implement additional risk mitigation.

The rise of bogus law firms and identity theft

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) reported law firm losses exceeding £700,000 in the opening half of 2019, attributing them to identity theft and the use of impersonation tactics.

Home Title and ID Fraud

Gaining a foothold on the property ladder has been no mean feat throughout the past decade.

Upgrading your Cyber Essentials Certificate

Just as you would have your accounts independently verified to ensure your books are balancing, it’s vital to have someone independently verify your IT systems.

What should an IT department do in relation to cyber security?

UK law firms are now starting to realise that responsibility for cyber security doesn’t just lie within the IT team, and that technical controls alone can’t protect a business from today’s attacks.

SRA Reports