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2021 is an extremely dangerous time to be dealing with property transactions if necessary checks are not followed. Make sure your livelihood isn’t at risk. Make sure your Solicitor/Conveyancer uses Lawyer Checker.

Mitigating against cyber threat while working from home

2021 started with a January like no other and lockdown life continues as we move into February. As many of us continue to work from home, this brings with it its very own set of remote-working challenges. We’ve compiled our top ten reasons why this increases risk for law firms and how best to mitigate against these.

Wishing everyone some downtime at Christmas

Lawyer Checker is doing its bit to support conveyancers this year in conjunction with LawCare

12 month bank account check to mitigate fraud risk

When fraudsters intercept law firm communications and conduct cyber crime, the accounts to which they redirect funds are often opened and closed quickly to avoid lengthy paper trails and detection. So, incorporating a check on the length of time the account has been open into your risk management processes mitigates the risk of transferring funds to fraudsters.

5 ways digital client onboarding can help your law firm

5 ways using electronic checks across your law firm can help you improve your efficiency, profitability and client experience.

Five-fold increase in the cost of cyber incidents

The latest annual Hiscox Cyber Readiness report highlights a significant increase in the cost of a cyber incident

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