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2021 is an extremely dangerous time to be dealing with property transactions if necessary checks are not followed. Make sure your livelihood isn’t at risk. Make sure your Solicitor/Conveyancer uses Lawyer Checker.

Cyber Attack Crisis Management for law firms article

Law firms are unfortunately enticing prospects to cyber criminals, due to the high value transactions involved. A robust disaster recovery and business continuity plan are therefore imperative to safeguard against a cyber attack. Lawyer Checker specialise in risk mitigation for the legal sector and sadly know it is a case of when not if an attack may strike.

Lawyer Checker celebrates the British Conveyancing Awards 2021 success

Yesterday afternoon, the conveyancing industry came together to celebrate the hard work and resilience that conveyancers and property professionals have shown over the past 14 months. Teams and individuals who have gone above and beyond to support their clients and co-workers were recognised and applauded for their dedication in testing times.

Cyber-Attack Crisis Management event for law firms

Cyber-attacks and online fraud are an ever-escalating threat for conveyancing professionals. There has been a 113% rise in alerts issued by the Solicitors Regulation Authority from March 2020 to March 2021 demonstrating it is not a matter of if your firm will become a target, but when. Lawyer Checker, a business that specialises in risk mitigation for the legal sector and CTS who provide specialist technology for the business of law are partnering for the Cyber Attack Crisis Management for Law Firms webinar on the 26th May at 11am. Legal professionals can register free for the event here.

Lawyer Checker Thirdfort meets HMLR Digital ID Standard.

Lawyer Checker Thirdfort meets HMLR Digital ID Standard. Now conveyancers can demonstrate best practice and meet the HM Land Registry’s new Digital ID Standard with Lawyer Checker’s Thirdfort Standard product. This week, Thirdfort have launched Thirdfort Standard, an ultra-secure digital ID check that fully aligns with the HMLR Digital ID Standard.

Reach HMLR Safe Harbour with Lawyer Checker and Thirdfort.

On the 12th March HM Land Registry issued practice guidance for conveyancers about implementing digital identity verification solutions. Conveyancers that embrace biometric and cryptographic technology to verify client identity will reach ‘Safe Harbour’; meaning HMLR will not seek recourse against those who meet this standard, in the event their client is fraudulent. Watch our webinar on how you can embrace technology within your firm to meet this standard here. These standards will benefit conveyancers and clients by encouraging digitalisation of the conveyancing process. Firms can embrace this standard by implementing Thirdfort’s Digital ID and Source of Fund checks through Lawyer Checker into their ID verification process.

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