5 ways digital client onboarding can help your law firm

5 ways using electronic checks across your law firm can help you improve your efficiency, profitability and client experience.

For many conveyancing practitioners electronic client verification is commonplace. We are now seeing other areas of law adopt digital verification to streamline their client onboarding.

Electronic checks are now recognised within the Money Laundering Regulations as an effective part of your risk assessments when it comes to conducting Customer Due Diligence. 

Here are 5 ways digital onboarding can your whole law firm, not just your conveyancing team!

  1. Digital verification provides the customer with a much better journey, managing their expectations along the way.

  2. It enables clients to provide their source of ID at a time that is convenient to them, and send it to the firm safely, without having the hassle of arranging an appointment to come in and physically complete the document check

  3. It enables you to have the peace of mind that the ID provided by the client is genuine, as the ID can be checked by various sources. This frees up valuable fee earners from time-consuming admin

  4. It gives you a competitive advantage. Many clients want the process to be as easy as possible. Being able to provide their ID any time of the day or week makes a firm seem a lot more accessible than one that sticks with a paper-based system

  5. Electronic verification is considered a preferred method in place of traditional paper methodologies in the 5th Money Laundering Directive introduced in Jan 2020


Thirdfort is available via Lawyer Checker and enables you to verify your client's identity quickly and securely with no need to collect physical documents, see certified copies or chase clients.

Using the latest in document scanning and facial recognition technology, your clients can confirm authenticity of their ID and prove it belongs to them using the Thirdfort app.

Thirdfort can form a comprehensive part of your risk assessment and deliver significant efficiencies when it comes to the time spent conducting CDD.

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