Charity Checker

A Charity Checker search provides probate practitioners with enhanced risk management for the transmission of legacy funds, by checking the account details of a charity funds are being sent to. Charities can protect legacy monies from going astray, either by human error or by fraudulent means.

10+ Database Checks

10+ Database Checks

We invite Charities to register their details with Charity Checker. Help us to build a safe, trusted addition to the probate administration process to ensure safe and timely transfer of legacy monies to Charities.

Join the register

1. Contact Details
Please provide alternative contact details for another individual who works at your Charity, to improve the validity of your registration:
2. Charity Details

e.g 19224394

e.g 77-22-11 (please include the hyphens)

Once completed, we will be in touch with you within 5 days to confirm that your charity has been added to your database.

For probate practitioners who want to find out more about Charity Checker contact us on 0800 133 7127 now.